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Mission Statement

We at Radiance, strive to be the most bright and outstanding guild in LMSPW, whether by dominating in Territory War, PvP and dungeon raids, or being honest and helpful to each other and to those outside of our guild.

Radiance is a territory war guild with the intent to own territory while maintaining core values of Radiance.
To do so ALL Radiance members are required to attend territory war whenever possible. Those that are unable and/or unwilling to attend territory war, on a case by case basis, will be asked to leave the guild to make room for those who are willing and able to attend territory war on a regular basis. Final decisions regarding the status of all Radiance members is left up to the officers. Members are encouraged to join one another in this goal, and in other goals such as socializing, raiding dungeon, defeating bosses, and fulfilling cultivation quests. Also, members are encouraged to help one another, unless the situation calls upon the responsibility of only one member. In order to shine in all ways, we at Radiance also recognize that there are also players who wish to concentrate more on the social aspect of LMSPW.

Supporting others and creating friendships by completing quests, defeating bosses, and leveling, together, bring the members of our guild together, and complete Radiance as a community. As in life, what everyone receives from the Radiance community is the synergy of what everyone has devoted to the community.

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